Space Maintainers

Did you know that your child’s mouth is constantly moving and changing as they grow? This is especially true for baby teeth, also known as primary teeth. Primary teeth serve multiple functions, but one of the most important is to be guides for adult or permanent teeth. This allows the permanent teeth to grow into the correct place in the mouth. When a primary tooth is lost, whether that be to tooth decay, disease or accidents during play, the adult teeth waiting to erupt may form in an odd or tilted position, which can cause unnecessary dental complications later down the line.

To help combat this, our dentists offer space maintainers in Murphy and Wylie, Texas. Space maintainers come in many forms, as both a removable or permanent oral appliance, and are used to prevent movement in the mouth after a tooth loss and create space for the new adult tooth to grow into. Our dentists will work with you to find the right solution for your child’s dental needs so their teeth can develop into a healthy, beautiful smile.

We invite you to call Citrus Smiles Dental Studio at 972-472-8862 today to learn more about space maintainers and schedule an appointment with our dentists and team.

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