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The right amount of gum tissue will add just the right accent to your smile. It also helps keep your teeth in their proper alignment and even protects your body from bacteria that can cause serious problems for your general health. But too much gum tissue can create its own set of problems. If this is an issue for you, call Citrus Smiles at 972-472-8862 for an appointment for an appointment for crown lengthening in Murphy and Wylie, Texas.

Our dentists may suggest this treatment if you have what is often called a “gummy smile.” The name sounds cute, but a gummy smile can make your teeth appear too short and can make it difficult for you to brush and floss properly, and a crown lengthening can improve the aesthetics and health of your smile. We may also suggest this treatment if you have a tooth that has been damaged close to the gumline in order to prepare you for a dental crown.

The process is a simple one. We simply remove the excess gum tissue to reveal more of your tooth. We will use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable, and the entire treatment will be completed in a single visit with our dentists. If you are tired of your gummy smile, call our office for more information.