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Your smile might sustain damage from an accident or just a simple slip or fall or a blow to the mouth. You may also develop pain or swelling from a cavity or infection that you did not even know you had. Whatever the case may be, you will want to have the problem dealt with as soon as possible. At Citrus Smiles, our dentists and team offer same-day emergency dentistry in Murphy and Wylie, Texas. If you need immediate care for your smile, call 972-472-8862 for your appointment.

Dental emergencies can include a severe, lasting toothache, oral pain or swelling. A partially or completely knocked out tooth, or a broken, cracked or chipped tooth are also emergency situations. You may want to seek emergency care if you have damaged or lost a restoration such as a filling, crown or bridge.

A dental emergency can be frightening and can raise many questions, such as how bad the damage is, can it be fixed or how long will it take to correct. But you should set any fears aside and call our office. Our team will schedule you for a visit with our dentists as soon as possible, as well as give you dental first aid tips to help you keep things under control until you can come in. If you suspect you have a broken jaw, have sustained an injury to the head or neck or are dealing with uncontrolled bleeding, please visit your nearest emergency room before contacting our office.