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At Citrus Smiles, one of our goals is help you keep your natural smile for life. After all, your natural teeth serve you better than a restoration. But there may be times when a tooth cannot be saved with a filling, crown or root canal, or it may pose a hazard to the remaining teeth in your smile. At that point, our dentists may want to schedule you for a tooth extraction in Murphy and Wylie, Texas.

When you visit our office for an extraction, we will first use a local anesthetic to help ensure that you remain comfortable during your appointment. Once you are sufficiently numbed, our dentists will use an instrument called an elevator to gently loosen the tooth before extracting it with forceps. There are elevators and forceps designed for the shape and position of every tooth.

We will provide you with aftercare instructions to help ensure that you heal properly and prevent problems such as dry socket. In most cases, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help you address any discomfort, but you should contact our office if you experience any issues. Our dentists may want to see you for a follow-up appointment to check your progress and discuss your restoration options.

If you have concerns about one or more of your teeth, call our office at 972-472-8862 to schedule a visit with our team.