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Our dentists use an intraoral camera to view all areas of your mouth. Intraoral cameras are small, pen-shaped imaging devices used to take high-quality color photos of your teeth, gums and other areas of your mouth. Because the camera is so small, it can be easily and comfortably maneuvered within your mouth to allow our dentists and team to view all angles, including those that are otherwise difficult or impossible to view.

Intraoral cameras are typically used to evaluate your oral health and diagnose developing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. They also make it easy for our dentists to diagnose cracked or chipped teeth as well as other tooth damage, and to follow-up on a treatment after it has been completed. Intraoral cameras are also a fantastic educational tool, as the captured images are instantly projected onto a nearby monitor so that both you and our dentists can view them and see what is happening in your mouth.

Intraoral cameras are also helpful for referrals and submitting insurance claims. The images captured by this device can be quickly and easily send to other dentists and specialists and to dental insurance companies as needed.

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