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We use air abrasion to repair your teeth quickly and comfortably. With micro air abrasion technology, our dentists and team can painlessly remove decayed and damaged tooth tissue – no drills, needles, or shots necessary!

Micro air abrasion works by using a concentrated blast of air. This air contains fine particles of aluminum oxide, a common ingredient in many toothpastes. This particle-filled air then “blasts” away the decay in a method similar to that used by a sandblaster, leaving behind the healthy tooth material. The process is minimally invasive, gentle, quiet and fast, and it works to conserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible to keep your tooth healthy and strong.

Many patients find air abrasion significantly more comfortable than traditional drilling, as it eliminates the noise, smells and vibrations associated with the dental drill and takes away much of the stress associated with receiving dental fillings and other restorative treatments. Patients who receive air abrasion typically do not need anesthetic to remain comfortable, which also eliminates the need for shots to deliver medication.

We invite you to contact Citrus Smiles at 972-472-8862 to learn more about the benefits of air abrasion in Murphy and Wylie, Texas, and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists.