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A lost tooth obviously impacts the appearance of your smile and your basic oral functions. But it can also affect your body in ways that may be more difficult to see. Specifically, it can cause problems for your jawbone. Without the tooth and its root exerting pressure on the jaw, the bone can begin to deteriorate or resorb. To address this issue and make sure that area of your smile remains viable for an implant or bridge, our dentists may suggest a visit for socket preservation in Murphy and Wylie, Texas, following a tooth extraction. If you are scheduled for an extraction at Citrus Smiles, call 972-472-8862 to learn more about socket preservation.

This treatment is done in two phases. During the first phase, the dentists will take care to ensure that the extraction is minimally invasive and preserve as much bone tissue as possible. The second phase may be done immediately following the extraction or during a follow-up visit. The dentists will clean the socket before placing bone grafting material in the site. This material may be obtained from a tissue bank, or a biocompatible synthetic material may be used. Once the graft is in place, an absorbable plug will be inserted, or the socket will be closed with a suture. After the site has healed, our dentists can talk with you about the best restoration option for your smile.